Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Waaagh Cast! Dice!

Super news everyone!
Chuck and I have decided on 1 of a number of possible fundraisers for the show and here it is. DICE! One of the things that we have to do though is take pre-orders for the dice so that we can afford to order them in the first place. If I had the money to buy them first trust me I would.

To receive a set of 10 Custom Waaagh Cast! Dice all you have to do is donate $15.00 USD to the show via our PayPal link on our front page at It's just over on the right side, but to help out those of you who are linking here from forums I'll put a link at the bottom of this post as well. When you donate just add a note to the donation saying DICE and your mailing address. Chuck and I are very excited to have our own dice for the show and hopefully you will all help us in our fundraiser and help us order a ton of dice!

As for the Pre-order thing. I will submit the order to the manufacturer when we have received either, 20 Pre-orders or at the end of February. I will keep everyone up to date with that and the dice will be mailed out promptly upon their receipt.

Please help support the show and get in on this opportunity!

PayPal LINK!!!


Mahoo said...

What size dice?

Joe Flesch said...

The dice are 16mm