Sunday, December 5, 2010

Episode 49 : Our Changing Armies...

Episode 49 : Our Changing Armies...

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Tales of Battle, Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games and John Walton
  2. News/Rumors : Operation Homefront, Gamesday LE Figure, Gui Le Gros, Blazing Sun Upgrades
  3. Feature : Our Changing Armies...
We start #49 by of course thanking our sponsors and discussing our weeks; which haven't involved a lot. Chucks painted some, and I've conintued painting as well as cleaned up the main site blog a little bit. I've also updated our Zazzle Store so if your interested in both supporting the show and getting some gear check that out and buy something as we get 10% of what you spend at the store back to us.

We take the later half of the show discussing a charity that Chuck is working with and new models by GW. The Gamesday LE Skaven Warlock Engineer, Gui Le Gros and the Blazing Sun Knights upgrade kits. We then take some time for our feature to discuss the was that our primary armies we've been playing in 8th edition have changed from the way they operated in 7th. This is a discussion on Dwarfs and Brettonians so if your interested in our views on those definitely give it a listen.

Gamesday LE Skaven Warlock:
Link to the GW Rotating Picture:

Gui Le Gros:

Knights of The Blazing Sun Upgrade Packs:
Command Pack:

Regular Knight Upgrade:

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Unknown said...

Really enjoyed the show, guys. Hope you're feeling better and enjoy your holidays. See you in 2011!

Chris said...

I enjoyed the show, glad to hear another Brettonian player out there!!

But you said Bretts can use fire, metal, etc...that is incorrect. Brett damsels can only take beasts or life, and then the prophetess only gets the added option of heavens.

Anonymous said...

I like how you pronounce Gui Le Gros in 'the worst french ever':D

He used to be part of a trio
"Gui Le Gros, Hugo le petit & bertrand the bridgand'

Special characters from the first brettionian armybook.
(they joined a unit of bowmen and gave +1 to hit or something)

Joe Flesch said...

LOL! Thanks for the info! Sorry about the accent.

cj said...

yup we got the lores correct now. sorry about that, had ab 3.2 w/o updates loaded...

Anonymous said...

now I have to fix my own error:
the robin hood one of the trio is "bertrand de bergerac"