Saturday, November 13, 2010

Episode 47 : Small Tourney...

Episode 47 : Small Tourney...

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Tales of Battle, Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games and Jamie Searle
  2. News/Rumors : O&G Pushback, WD LE Model, GW Christmas Giveaway, GW Towers, Cool Mini or Not & Adepticon, Avatars of war Berserkers & Video
  3. Feature : Small Tourney...
First off, apologies for the late show. We recorded it twice, the first time recording difficulties and a poor show topic made me choose not to put it out. So while this is a week late you can expect our episode #48 to be out on it's regularly scheduled date so next Monday. We jump into the show with our sponsor's and a personal sponsorship by Jamie Searle who asks you to visit and support MOVEMBER! You can look him up and support him financially in raising money for cancer research. We go over Chucks last tournament games and I discuss a couple of practice games I got in for an upcoming 1250 tournament.

We hit up news and rumors with a mention of the O&G pushback, the White Dwarf subscription model; we then hit up the GW Christmas givewaway, a quick chat about the two tower terrain pieces they've released and finally end out on the Cool Mini or Not/Adepticon painting contests and check out the new Avatars of War Dwarf Berserker news! For our feature segment we find ourselves discussing the 1250 tournament that Chuck will have run by the time this show is out and why we chose to do some certain things such as low points, which scenario's, etc...

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Dan Nixon with his Prize:

WD LE Subscription Model:

GW Santa List Giveaway Link:

Cool Mini or Not/Adepticon Press Release and Trophy Links & Pictures:

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