Sunday, October 24, 2010

Episode 46 : Safety 1st... Well, 2nd...

Episode 46 : Safety 1st... Well, 2nd...

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Tales of Battle, Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games and Rob Ehlers
  2. News/Rumors : GW Future Lineup, Monster Case, Skink Command, Oxyotl, Incoming Skaven, Bro-Hammer
  3. Feature : Safety 1st... Well, 2nd...
We start out with our usual sponsors Tales of Battle, Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games and our singular sponsor Rob Ehlers who sponsored to give a big shout out to the Arizona Miniature War Gamers at Definitely worth checking out if your in Arizona. Were joined this Episode by Chucks friend Jacob from Bloomington as they just finished a couple of games before recording and he figured he'd sit in and thought its always good to have a new voice now and then.

We discuss our weeks and then move on to our usual news/rumors which we talk about a lot of stuff that Games Workshop is rolling out towards the end of November or early next year. Lots of good stuff. We then kick over to our main topic where we discuss the personal dangers and safety when using our hobby tools. I know plenty of other shows have done it, but I figured since we never have and I nearly put my eye out recently it would be worth talking about.

Incoming Tower of Sorcery Pic:

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Dwarfenstein said...

Recently I was prying some arms off some ogres to remodel them and my hand slipped and I tore a chunk out of my thumb, the skin was still attached. I quickly replaced the skin and covered it in superglue and it controlled the bleeding and sealed it up just like stitches or surgical glue!!!