Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Episode 38 : Man 'O War

Episode 38 : Man 'O War

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Tales of Battle, Keith Teklits
  2. Listener E-mail/Comments : Abolished
  3. News/Rumors : Contest Winners, Garagehammer, Sea of Blood Contents
  4. Feature : Man 'O War!
Show begins with talk of our weeks as per usual. A few 8th Edition games Chuck's direction while mostly nothing mine. Very busy as of late with family and other things. We move quickly through this to email/comments which we point out is being eliminated for a while, so that we can muster our knowledge of 8th so we don't answer too many questions incorrectly. Finally we hit some news/rumors; first we announce the winners from our multiple contests, then quickly drop a word about a new WHFB podcast out there and finally round it up with discussion of the contents of Sea of Blood! from a link on the Bell of Lost Souls.

Our feature segment sees us visiting a classic game from the GW line-up: Man 'O War! For those unfamiliar with it as I was also up until about 5 months ago when I procured a copy, think of Battleflet Gothic for 40K, only with sail boats and Fantasy races. Chuck and I play a game and then give a quick rundown of the basic rules, how things work and what we thought of it. Just something we thought would make for a nice change of pace while 7th edition was dying down before the big gear up for 8th!

Link to Garagehammer:

Link to Bell of Lost Souls Topic - Sea of Blood Mini's:

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spaceVulture said...

Thanks guys. You were able to answer most of my questions about the "dying" armies. I'm trying to build a Kislev Army, for fun, and was wondering what you have seen in your area.
Thanks again,
Keith Teklits (Tech-lits)