Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Episode 36 : Why We Fight...

Episode 36 : Why We Fight...

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Tales of Battle, Baltazar Medina
  2. Listener E-mail/Comments : Mike J., Alexander Holt, Bubbles
  3. News/Rumors : GW & Mantic Price Increases, Avatar of War, GW Demons
  4. Feature : Why We Fight...
This episode is sponsored by Tales of Battle and individually by Baltazar Medina who just wanted to show his appreciation of the show. A discussion of what we've been up to comes next and followed by listener e-mails which involve among average things a fun jibing of the HPB's.

For News/Rumors we discuss the announcements from both Games Workshop and Mantic Games going over the Price Increases for 2010. Link to Mantics announcement below. We also take a look at the new Avatar of War Dwarf Lord and have a mention of GW's announcement of 2nd wave Demons coming in July. Finally we basically ramble for a while about our reasons for not only being in the hobby, but the reasons that we keep playing but why we feel we will continue to play.

Link to GW Price Increase

Link To Mantic Games Website

Mantic Games Price Increase Announcement

Avatar of War: Dwarf Lord

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Tom McClure said...

Enjoyed the show, guys! Good topic. Can't wait for the Rampage weekend show.