Saturday, April 3, 2010

Episode 33 : Adepticon Wrap-up

Episode 33 : Adepticon Wrap-up

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Jamie Searie & Tales of Battle
  2. Listener E-mail/Comments : Skipped
  3. News/Rumors : Skipped
  4. Feature : Adepticon Talk and Wrap-up
This episode is sponsored by Tales of Battle and individually by Jamie Searie who just wants to say that he appreciates a number of our previous episodes and wanted to sponsor a future episode. We appreciate it! For user feedback and news/rumors segments we skip them for this episode. We really wanted to get the show done and put out as soon after Adepticon as we could that way we could keep the rest of the shows on schedule. Sorry for those of you that listen for that stuff.

We basically break the episode down and discuss our games from both The Generals Challenge Tournament on Saturday and then the Adepticon Fantasy Team Tournament on Sunday. We also discuss other aspects of the convention such as Vendor Hall, Swag and such on. Hope everyone enjoy it. I've posted some pictures below and on my FlickR gallery from the convention; not too many as my camera batteries died and it just wasn't something I planned for. Oops!

Please if you enjoy the show leave comments on the blog; if you have I-Tunes please leave I-Tunes Reviews. Any questions, comments, suggestions e-mail us at; you can also call and leave voicemails at 1-217-883-4598 or username: waaaghcast on Skype. As always Thanks for listening!!!!

Photos from the Con:
Swag Bag Contents & Fantasy Hall:

Entries from the Rogue Demon Painting Competition:

Some Stand Out Armies & Models:

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amysrevenge said...

Short but sweet. I've never played in a Team event, but I'd like to try it.

Norsk Drake said...

Woo Hoo, I'm almost famous. It's Jamie SearLe (spoken Surl) don't know why I said Searie the first time. :)

Anyway, I'm glad the sponsorship was appreciated. As to my Empire wishes what you said at the beginning was just the sort of thing I was hoping for. Advice on how to choose and play an Empire force in the current climate. I don't need a full on review (I'm not against it but don't need it) just a summary. Can't find that unit of 'Prophets' in the Army book though. :p

I think you do a great job with the reviews of armies and am happy to wait for you to get the right people in for each job. No need to say sorry in my mind.

Thanks for the interesting show, looking forward to the next now. :)

Oh, and I think I'll join the forum rather than leave another comment this long.