Thursday, March 11, 2010

Episode 32 : High Elf Army Review

Episode 32 : High Elf Army Review

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Tales of Battle and Mike
  2. Listener E-mail/Comments : Austin, Baltazar, Steve
  3. News/Rumors : O&G May Releases, Midwest Rampage (MWR) Indie GT, Skaven F.A.Q.
  4. Feature : Overview of the new Beastmen Army Book
This episode sponsored by Tales of Battle and individually by Big Mike the Dwarf. We got plenty of e-mail after last Episodes request for some and were going to be splitting it over a couple Episodes; but we discuss 3 of them on this show. We talk about or last couple weeks spent doing pretty much nothing but painting and preparing for Adepticon! News/Rumors hears some talk of O&G releases for May, a little discussion on the Skaven F.A.Q. and an announcement that the Midwest Rampage Indie GT is officially going to happen.

For the feature we have an army review just for Tim who sponsored a show and asked for a High Elf Army Review, we've obliged. I perused the High Elf forum and found a man named George from the United Kingdom willing to sit up at midnite and record the show with me. So, I hope you guys enjoy.

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Links to things discussed in the show:
High Elf Forum:
Midwest Rampage Site:
Skaven F.A.Q.:
GW O&G Announcement:
Central Illinois Amigos Campaign Pack:

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Norsk Drake said...

Great show. Personally I enjoy the music inserted in.

These army reviews could get expensive you know. After the OK chat with Randroid a few casts back I bought the OK battalion. Now after hearing those lovely Brit tones I'm liking HE more than ever. :)

I'll resist but good stuff.

Anonymous said...

We only try and cover what you guys want to hear.

Additionally, having the books and knowing other army lists gets you a leg up during tournaments!