Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Episode 30 : Adepticon Pre-Show

Episode 30 : Adepticon Pre-Show

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Tales of Battle and Gregg Ross
  2. Listener E-mail/Comments : Tom Mclure, Chris, Eric H.
  3. News/Rumors : Adepticon, Midwest Rampage, Avatar of War Models, Black Library, GW Roster Sheets, Other WHFB Systems
  4. Feature : Interview with Hank Edley from Adepticon
We begin by a big announcement and that is the show is now officially sponsored for a year by Tales of Battle! We also want to thank Gregg Ross for sponsoring this show individually. We discuss the possibility of a sponorship from and talk about who they are and what they're doing. We discuss our weeks, our preparing for our local area campaign and just jaw about stuff for a while before getting to a couple listener e-mails asking for a couple more army reviews with guest hosts.

Moving along to news we discuss a ton of news from Adepticon, press releases and some pictures of special models. We talk about the possible failure o fMWR to obtain a venue this year and then talk about some fantastic new models from Avatars of War! An advance order from Black Library and some silly roster sheets from Games Workshop. We end the news segment talking about future segments regarding reviews of ALL the WHFB type games produced by GW that we could get ahold of.

Finally we are joined via phone by Hank Edley from the Adepticon Council to discuss the convention this year. All the wonders, prizes, tournaments, new game systems. Trying to get everyone ready and primed to go!

Links Referred to in Show:
Black Library Advance Order:

Games Workshop Roster Sheets:

Pics Referred to in Show:
Adepticon Special Models:

Avatar of War Models:

Central Illinois Amigos 2010 Campaign Map:

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Episode Length 1hr 43min 15sec


amysrevenge said...

OK, here's a comment/question for you for the next one. Strictly procedural/mechanical.

For a 1h45m show, how much actual recording would you usually do? Basically, wondering how much has to get edited out, as a rough proportion.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

Great show! I really liked your campaign episode got to get one of those done myself.
Which program did you use to make that map?


Joe Flesch said...

RPG Manager V1.9
Search it on Google.