Monday, December 7, 2009

Episode 27 : Core Competency GT

Episode 27 : Core Competency GT

Show notes:

  1. Sponsorship : Ben Burns & Tales of Battle
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  3. News/Rumors : FW Lord of Change, Beastmen Rumors, Tomb King Rumors, Indy GT's, Tales of Battle #4
  4. Feature : Core Competency GT
Links from the show :
Tales of Battle:
Beastmen Rumors Thread from WarSeer:
Tomb Kings Thread from WarSeer:
Core Competency Website:

Indy GT's and sites :
Conflict Jan. 16-17
Sooie-Palooza Jan. 30-31
WaaaghPaca Jan. 30-31
WHFB Cheddar Bowl Mar. 6-7
Lonewolf Mar. 13-14
Adepticon Mar. 26-28

Forge World Lord of Change Model :

Beastmen Pics :

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