Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Episode 24 : Preliminary Bombardment

Episode 24 : Preliminary Bombardment

Show notes:

  1. Sponsorship : Tor Egil Staalesen
  2. Listener E-mail : Chris Mephaine, Dwarfenstein, Johnny Hastings
  3. News/Rumors : Tales of Battle 3, D6 Generation, Upcoming GT's, Zazzle Store
  4. 10 Minute Terrain : Stone Fencing
  5. Feature : 'Ard Boy'z Preliminary Scenario's
This episode brought to you by Tor Egil Staalesen who's e-mail simply says that he enjoys the show and wants us to keep up the good work. We answer some listener e-mail from Chris, Dwarfenstein and Johnny hastings from Pointhammered. For news/rumors we discuss the newest issue of Tales of Battle, the review of Chaos in The Old World by the D6 Generation, some upcoming fantasy GT's over the next couple of months; and finally our e-store hosted thorugh Zazzle.com so you can go check all that out.

We start our "10 Minute Terrain" video series this month by showing you how to build a Stone Fence section. I'm not sure that 10 minutes is going to be long enough; so I'm thinking I may have to call it "20 Minute Terrain" and bust the tutorial videos into two pieces. I want you guys to leave me some feed back as far as the YouTube video is concerned and let me know if you go the jist of everything I did. If everyone decides that it's too rushed or hard to get I will have to switch to the two videos. For our feature Chuck and I go over the GW released Preliminary Scenario's for the 'Ard Boy'z events and discuss the special rules and how they effected our list choices.

Pointhammered Podcast :

D6 Generation Chaos in The Old World Review :

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Core Competency:
Northstar Tournament:
Waaagh Pacca:

The Waaagh Cast Zazzle Store :

GW 'Ard Boy'z Preliminary Scenario's :

10 Minute Terrain Video : Stone Fence

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Anonymous said...

More Light in the Video!

chris said...

Like the video, very nice, will use this!

What about fence walls? or barricades next?

Dwarfenstein said...

Is there any way you can change your photo links so that they open in a new tab or new window without me telling them to? Sometimes I click a photo and it takes me away from the podcast and then I have to buffer up again to get to where I was.

Joe Flesch said...

I will look into that.

Anonymous said...

Very well done. That is one damned-fine mustache there Joe.

Anonymous said...

deustch-stach hahahaha

brian said...

Thanks for the ardboyz updates!

Jay said...

Can you show a GW stone wall next to what you have so that we can compare?

Otherwise do hedges next time

Tommy said...

Really awesome. I am just getting into building my own terrain and this is a cool, simple start. Please keep them coming. Thanks!

Co-host Chuck said...

Well if Joe can be an inspiration that is great!

Its not a porn stasch its a goat-tee!

Joe did a good job on the wall, of course we all can use better lighting!

Prepare for ardboyz people its tomorrow, i already changed my list again, everything is fighty! about 12 casting with 4 bound items!

Thanks for the FEEDBACK, Keep it COMING!