Thursday, May 7, 2009

Episode 15 : Midwest Rampage Coverage

Episode 15 : Midwest Rampage Coverage

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  4. Feature : Midwest Rampage Indy GT Coverage
Hello everybody! This episode is the coverage I got from the Indy GT Midwest Rampage in Bloomington, Illinois. This marks the tournaments 4th year and is run my Mr. Jim Emerick a fantastic hobbyist and wonderful event organizer. I took my Dwarfs to the tournament and went 3-0-2 which is an acceptable outcome for me considering never having played the Dwarfs at 2250 level yet. I have multiple interviews with tons of people; both friends, strangers and other event organizers. As the terrible part I forgot my camera at home. Total failure!

Chuck & I kick off the coverage with the friday night before the tournament technically starts and before the end of the night I sit for a little bit with a fellow Bugmans Brewer David Long from who traveled all the way up from Texas.

Day 1 sees me speaking with Jim Livers and Chuck; later to speak with Alex Gonzalez who is running the Indy GT "Core Competency" this fall/thanksgiving season in Downers Grove, Illinois. I sit down with some friends of the show and some strangers, Jeem Allen, Paul Vinton, Sean Spillsbury and Josh Holtz to discuss what they think of the tournament so far. By the end of the night I have a couple of friends Dave King and John Feipel sitting with me in our happilly buzzed stupor discussing the end of the days events.

Day 2 has me and Chuck in way to early to accomplish anything useful. I am joined after the tournament has ended and scores are being tallied again by Jim Livers to plug his Indy GT in Lexingtin, KY aptly named JimCon! and also Mike Marko who runs the Marauder Mayhem in Dayton, OH. Finally I am joined a last time by Chuck and Paul to talk about how the tournament ended and at the very bitter end Jim Emerick himself to discuss how the tournament went overall and announce winners.

JimCon Information:
Date: Sept. 12-13th
Location: Lexington, KY
Reg Fee: $45.00
Phone: 859-277-3937 (Albright Store)

Marauder's Mayhem Information:
Date: Oct (TBA)
Location: Dayton, OH
Reg Fee: $25.00

Core Competency Information:
Date: Nov. 14-15th
Location: Downers Grove, IL
Reg Fee: $15.00
Site: (TBA-Should be up by end of June)

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Josh Holt said...

Great show Joe, captured the friendly atmosphere of the tourney well. Hope to see you there next year too.

Anonymous said...

Lets get more Tournies UP This was the most exciting show by far! Can we get Photos of MWR too from other people!

chuck said...

I comped at a 15/30! not 14/30, and models are on correct base sizes, but are bigger then normal because they are that cool!

chuck said...

Jon F. wps - 19
Dave k. wps - 19
Chuc J. wps - 15
Tanya wps - 15
Sean Linderman wps - 13


just fyi for everyone, have a great weekend