Monday, March 30, 2009

Episode 12 : Strategy-War Machines

Episode 12 : Strategy-War Machines

Show notes:

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  2. Listener E-mail : John and Jeroen
  3. News/Rumors : Zilch
  4. Feature : Strategy Discussion on War Machines
Good greif this episode is late isn't it? Well anyway I've been doing a lot of work getting my Dwarf Army finished for Adepticon which starts this Friday and that is why I'm tardy. However as promised I did squeeze in a short episode about the basic war machines of the game; Bolt Thrower, Stone Thrower and Heavy and Light Cannons. During the episode I talked about an article written over on and here is the link:

Got slack for news and rumors and not much else to report. It's a short episode but hopefully it'll hold people off until after Adepticon when I will hopefully have some interviews and more to play for you as well as having actual free time to record the shows. Thanks for listening!

Please if you enjoy the show leave comments; if you have I-Tunes please leave I-Tunes Reviews. Any questions or comments e-mail us at; As always; Thanks for listening!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Very good episode. I'm just getting my Empire army on the table and admit to being on the fence about war machines. I know their potential is good but they can also blow up pretty well. I'm going to use your advice in my practice games and see how it goes.

The other two major war machines you didn't list were the Bretonnian Trebuchet and the Hellcannon. I hope to see the Hellcannon at least when you do the show about special war machines.

chuxk said...

Everything looked great, way to go. Can we get a link for the math hammer guy who calculated everything out?

Joe Flesch said...

It's in the show description on the blog silly.

chuck said...

yeah Special war machine review would be nice, can't wait for that episode!

Good review and tactica on the basics there bud, but don't have i-toons! however will leave good feedback for good casts, can't wait for Adepticon!