Sunday, December 28, 2008

Episode 009 : Adepticon Interview

Episode 09 - Adepticon Interview

Show notes :

  1. Interview with Hank Edley from Adepticon

This episode we are joined by Hank Edley at our local store during a terrain building day for the upcoming Adepticon 2009 Game Convention! We discuss the games, tournaments, prizes, accommodations and other pertinent information for the convention and some extra unreleased news creeps it's way in as well. Thanks Hank for joining me and I hope everyone who can, considers attending this fantastic convention! I have listed links to all the sights mentioned in the show below.

Adepticons Website :
Hotel Information :
Online Hotel Booking :
Adeptus Windy City Forums :

Also I have a number of new lizardman pictures to show off. See below; they have been added to the photo gallery!

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As always; Thanks for listening!!!!

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Anonymous said...

awesom pictures of the new lizardmen. Downloading and listening to show tonight!

Anonymous said...

Good overview of the event. Let me know if you want to do a concept episode for out team lists. Otherwise I guess we need to come up with a team name and get registered.

Anonymous said...

I liked the show it was a good overview. Keep up the stars on the podcast, keep us starstruck! Suppose I need to find someone to team with or get registered myself as well! We still crashing mike's house, lol.

Anonymous said...

get a HE review up here then some new lizardmen, and what about WoC!

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting to play against the new DE before I was completely content with doing an HE review. I have loads of practice against VC and a fairly good understanding of how to deal with Deamons. Maybe I will get an opportunity to play against DE at the tourney next weekend.

Anonymous said...

DE are limited around the area, but you could try talking to Raydog over in decatur, via TPV. He has played lots and been constructing models since fall of last year. I got a Lizardmen book on preorder at the store for the 1st hopefully I get to look at it at the tourny but I won't cry if I don't. Are you bringing HE then, we'll see how it all goes down probly about 10 will show for fantasy

Anonymous said...

I don't really think the width of the kroxigor's 160mm wide regiment will work when the skinks line up. Now if you can slim the regiment down and get ride of the skinks on the sides that might work, but then is it a illegal regiment, since its got to be 5 wide? If this is the case I really see the formation being 1-2 kroxigors with loads of skinks surrounding them unless you see them fielded on flanks to be a simple interposing force. I would love to get my hands on the new book sooner but I got two more weeks before I own my own copy....